Why Westland Wealth

To us, this business is challenging and fun and we meet many interesting people. Some will do business with us and others will not…..for a whole variety of reasons. However, you will know that whatever we tell you will, in our opinion, be in your best interest.

When it comes to insurance based products and strategies used by retirees; Annuities, Life Insurance and long-term care solutions are all the same regardless of who offers them. However, we believe that in most instances you will find our analysis and reasoning will be more insightful and better than others, simply because we have done this longer and know more and have access to a greater inventory of options. We understand that it is still all about you and you must evaluate the information and advice you receive from us.  In fact, we encourage you to seek out confirmation from a variety of sources for any advice given you from any source and we are very confident that will choose to do business with us. Our success and 40 plus years of history serving clients is solid confirmation of what you can expect from us.