What We Do

Today, a simple Google Search will give you mixed messages on almost any financial topic, product or strategy. Our goal is to make sure we both understand your current situation, needs, goals and timing. If you need a second opinion about a product you own or are considering, then we will give you the pros and cons.

The margin for error at age 70 is much more critical than at age 40. And when it comes to guaranteeing income for life, guaranteeing additional income to pay expenses of long-term care and guaranteeing additional assets to provide security for those left behind, all options in addition to conventional investments should be considered.

At Westland Wealth, we believe that for many people, these most important issues can be best addressed by insurance-based strategies; and we are charged with understanding and evaluating them, considering your particular circumstance to determine if they make sense and should or could be used to affect a valid solution. We do not believe that these are the only solutions; but certainly, they deserve proper consideration to add stability to the portfolio, and increase predictability of results.

Because of our decades of involvement in the personal financial services industry, we are uniquely qualified to comment on the products, their features, benefits, costs and the strength and integrity of the issuing company itself. We are independent and have no allegiance to any company or issuer. We always point out the strategies and the specific carrier(s) and product(s) that we would choose for ourselves if in the same situation that you present to us.

We have also developed a as a tool that will show you quickly if you are on track or not for your retirement.  Click on this link for more information.

Important Services

  • A one stop source for answers to your questions about annuities, life and long-term care insurance products and strategies used to enhance your financial comfort in retirement.
  • Evaluate what is the best long term care strategy to employ; Self-Insure, Traditional Approach, Linked Benefit, Asset Based or Annuity Based,
  • Custom designed guaranteed retirement income strategies based on your needs, desires and resources. Also see information about our One-Page Retirement Income Plan Summary
  • Life Insurance policy review to make certain you are receiving the best value for the money you have committed to the policy and the premiums you are paying.
  • What to do with the annuity you own; leave as is, renew, surrender, annuitize or exchange for new?
  • Second opinion on current advice or pending purchase decisions
  • Assistance with Pension choices and Social Security options
  • Medicare Options